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Introducing Skin Quencher

Award winning skin supplements brought to you by Simone Thomas Wellness

Vibrant & Fresh Skin

Skin Quencher contains 18 amino acids, all designed to promote skin restoration and gain stronger immunity.

Enriching Vitamin C

Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth.

Maintain Peak Skin

The daily consistency of taking Skin Quencher allows the promotion of natural collagen production.

Skin Feels Plumper

Skin Quencher contains all natural ingredients with no hidden chemicals that could harm you on your journey

Proven to Moisturise

Skin benefits can be noticed within the first week of usage with 76% or participants agreeing their skin felt more moisturised

Heal & Regenerate

Marine Collagen is renowned for its ability to heal, regenerate and repair your body and Skin Quenchers use of Vitamin C is perfect for immune support.

Boost your skincare journey

You can boost the results of your #30DAYSKIN challenge by taking the award-winning Skin Quencher supplements alongside Simone’s daily skincare advice

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Skin Quencher

I have just started to take the Skin Quencher product and can already see a difference, I have mature skin and believe it better to take food supplements than expensive creams.



I have just finished a course of the 'Skin Quencher' supplements for collagen for skin and Vitamin C of immunity and I feel great! I feel a difference in my skin which feels like it's glowing and my friends commented last week on how well I looked.


A Kickstart

I have been taking the skin quencher tablets for two weeks and I feel great. My skin looks healthier and I have a load more energy. It was a kickstart to my new lifestyle that I needed. Thank you!


Cleared my eczema

After a few weeks I found my skin had cleared of the eczema I was suffering from and I've found my general energy levels have risen. The fact that two tablets a day can do this is phenomenal!